Michael received his education in Canada and the US.  Michael served in the Christian ministry in Europe and Canada, until 1990. Because of health and family reasons, he left the full-time ministry and has taught and counseled full-time at the high-school level, for over two decades, while teaching part-time at the college level for 16 years. Beside years of formal, college-level theological studies, Michael holds Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Education, a Masters'  degree in Psychology and Education, and various teaching and counseling qualifications.  Beside being a full-time educator and part-time counsellor, he presently serves  his congregation as a part-time minister. In his spare  time, he strives to write works that are enlightening and/or transforming. He and his wife are proud parents of three special children.




   What if God...?: Thought-Provoking Reflections About God

WHAT IF GOD…? is a thought-provoking, and faith-building work. Its aim is to confidently address some of the most challenging questions in the Bible, so as to spotlight God’s love, wisdom and justice, even when His actions appear to be surprisingly harsh and difficult to comprehend.

WHAT IF GOD…? takes the reader through an energizing, and mind-expanding experience. It begins with an exploration of God’s nature, and then proceeds to address challenging biblical events that for centuries have provided much ammunition for skeptics, and have left many believers doubtful and confused.

The material in, WHAT IF GOD...? is ideal for ministers, and Bible study leaders who are seeking new and fresh ideas for stimulating sermons and thought-provoking scriptural studies.

Michael Caputo







 The Works of the Flesh: Understanding and Defeating the Works of the Devil

Evils abound in our world. Satan, “the Prince of the power of the air,” as Paul instructed us, definitely “works in the children of disobedience.” (Eph. 2: 2 NKJV). The results of his evil efforts are greed, unbridled immorality, broken homes, murders, wars and many other evils that are making our world evermore unlivable. These are the signs that Satan is indeed “The God of this world” (II Corinthians 4: 4 KJV).

The Devil continually tempts humans into participating into his evil deeds, listed by the Apostle Paul in Galatians chapter five as “The Works of the Flesh.” Christians must be aware of these Works, and must know their manifestations well for, as Paul warns, “they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God” (II Corinthians 4:4 KJV).

This book is meant to enlighten those who want to know the Works of the Flesh in depth. Each word used by Paul in Galatians 5 will be analyzed thoroughly, and time will be spent analyzing the psychological and societal manifestations of the evil each word represents. Lastly, plentiful biblical and sensible advice will be provided on how to be victorious in our war against Satan and his Works.



  How Not to Get Divorced: Sure Steps to Help You Prevent Divorce and to Have a Happier Marriage

Divorces are a nightmare and the consequences are agonizing for all concerned; but there are steps that can be taken to prevent the nightmare of divorce from entering your life. The author has been a family counselor for over three decades and has been married to the same woman for 34 years. In his honest, and straight-forward style, he offers you simple, yet powerful principles that can help you set aside the divorce option and, instead, transform your marital relationship for the better. All it takes is the courage to confront some painful realities, and the total determination to save that which is sacred and precious: your marriage.

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  The Churches of Philadelphia and Laodicea in Revelation: Two Attitudes; Two Destinies

The competition is fierce. Various groups contend tenaciously for the superior name of, "Philadelphia." "We are the true Philadelphia Church," some insist, and then proceed to inform us of the various reasons why they are the special, chosen ones.

Do we know who are the true Philadelphians and which is the Church of Laodicea today? This book will make plain the undeniable, biblical answer.







  Seven Lessons from the Seven Churches in Revelation  

At the beginning of the most perplexing book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, Jesus Christ sends seven special letters to seven churches in Asia. Within these letters are found warnings that Christians are encouraged to heed. This book distills seven critical and transforming lessons which, if heeded, will lead to amazing rewards.

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Why Does Jesus Christ Delay His Second Coming?


Almost two thousand years have gone by since Jesus promised He would return. Many generations of Christians have hoped that He would have returned in their days, but their hopes were not fulfilled. Why is Jesus delaying his second coming? Why has He not returned yet? This work offers three enlightening reasons, with ample biblical support.

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    God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds

Winner of the Angel Award, from Excellence in Media and, the Silver Medallion from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

Did great intellect and creativity lead brilliant men and women of the past to agnosticism and atheism, or did it lead them to believe in and submit to a Creator God?

The answer to that question lies in the pages of this intriguing book. As you read and experience how the greatest minds of history viewed God, you will find an overwhelming consensus that the God of the universe does indeed exist and that He has impacted and shaped those who have influenced our world.

Michael Caputo, through years of exhaustive research, has discovered letters, writings, and quotes that reveal what the greatest artists, musicians, philosophers, scientists, and writers thought about the God of heaven. Through the pages of this timeless work, you will engage the thoughts of history's most celebrated people: Mozart, Galileo, Descartes, Shakespeare, Einstein, Michelangelo, and many more. Open the pages of this book and discover what those who have shaped history thought about the God of eternity.




  Jesus Christ: A Personal Autobiography

Allow Jesus Christ to speak to you about His pre-existence, His mission to Earth to save you and all of humanity, His availability as a living Savior and, finally, His longing to have you with Himself forever. This autobiography is based totally on direct quotations from the Savior Himself, taken from His Holy Word.



  The Young King and the Cross

The story takes place in the land of Daryah, in the Middle East, around two thousand years ago. A boy asks an old King, his grandfather, about the decaying statue of a young man he had found behind a wall in the palace garden. The old King tells the boy the young man's dramatic story.

Many years before a King of Daryah had accepted the God of Israel as the only God of his country and, as a result, angry opponents arranged to have him killed in his sleep. The crown passes on to his eighteen-year-old son, Sokhar, who seeks revenge by unleashing a period of death and destruction in his and other lands nearby.

God teaches the young King a transforming lesson in a most miraculous and surprising way.

This book is meant to help young people (12-18) to better understand the suffering of Christ during His crucifixion and the nobility of His response during His great ordeal.


  What Will Christian Do For Eternity? The Ten Phases of Eternity

Believers around the world tackle their daily struggles knowing that their reward will be eternal life. But what does it mean to live for ever? This book reveals the stages believers will go through as they advance into eternity, after their transformation into eternal, spirit beings.

Michael may be reached at mcaputo4163@rogers.com